Whether Winged, Finned, Scaled, Furry and four legged we love spending time caring for all animals.

Which is why we offer a complete range of pet care services including:

  • Dog Walking
  • Pet feeding
  • Drop in’s
  • Pet transportation/Pet Taxi for grooming, Vet appointments etc)
  • Pet & House sitting

We guarantee your Pet will get the very best care and attention; we treat every animal as if they were our own. We have a lifetime of experience in caring for a variety of animals big and small and are an established trustworthy team. We are fully insured, enhanced DBS checked, pet & human first aid trained.

FREE Initial Consultation:

Call to arrange a free consultation. We will come out to meet you and your Dog/s, also become familiar with your home if other pets or home visits are needed. We can complete all necessary paperwork at this time. This will also give you the opportunity to meet us face to face and answer any further questions you may have?

We have an enhanced DBS check, have business and public liability insurance and are pet first aid trained. We are also a member of NARPS (National association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers) and the Pet Industry Federation.

dog walking

Dog Walks

All walks will be catered to your Dog’s needs, we walk no more than 3-4 dogs at any time and will group these accordingly. Our group walks are centred around enrichment, our aim is to provide your dog with a physical and sensory adventure every time. All walks can be on street, woodland, fields, or beach, (depending on collection location) they will not be let off lead unless you have stated it is safe to do so.

One to One walks are ideal for dogs who may prefer one to one attention, have specific social or physical needs, or perhaps if you require a walk for your dog outside of our group dog walking times. Anxious, or reactive dogs can be walked 1-1 to suit their needs. Elderly dogs or Puppies can be offered a shorter walk time if needed. After a walk we can spend some time giving your dog some love and fuss at home before we leave.

Group Dog Walk 1hour:

This includes a 50-minute walk, play, drying and change water – £13 per walk.

Each additional pet from same home – £7 per walk.

One to One Walks:

Prices vary depending on time needed – £8 to 15 per walk.

**For Weekend walks please add £4 per walk per dog**



We offer a nighttime service where we can stay at your home overnight from around 6pm at night until around 7am the following morning. We can feed, water, clean litter trays/cages, let out etc. in this time and take dogs out for up to 20 minutes morning and evening.

You can request longer walks morning and evening which will increase prices slightly, and if you need your pets checked on or walked during the day, you can see our pet visit services above for daytime care details. Please contact us for prices.

  • We are fully insured for transporting your dog and have full business insurance for all aspects of the business.
  • Please ensure your dogs are wearing a good collar and ID tag. During your dog’s walk I will also fit a tag to their collar containing my contact details. Please note it is a legal requirement that all dogs are now micro-chipped.
  • I’m sorry but we cannot accept aggressive dogs, bitches in season or uncastrated males over one year old. (However please discuss this in your initial call).

Payments can either be made online through your bank or in cash. All outstanding balances must be settled within 7 days or a late charge of £10 will be applied. We understand that plans can change.  We don’t charge for cancellations with adequate notice.  Cancellations made after 6pm the night before the visit will be chargeable £10.00.

Please call or email us anytime to discuss any of our services or to arrange a free visit/consultation from us.

pet sitting

Pet Feeding/Visits

We can call into your pet during the day. These are ideal for cats and other small pets. They can be tailored to suit your pets’ individual needs, we’ll provide fresh food and water, let out, clean litter trays/cages, and spend quality time playing and giving attention to your pets. We’ll also send you daily updates and photos so you can enjoy your time away knowing your pet is in good hands. We will work with you to create a personalised care plan that meets their specific needs.

  • We can drop in as a one off or multiple times a day.
  • Our stay consists of either 30 or 60 minutes depending on your pet’s needs.
  • We can care for most species of domestic animal.

Pop-In Visits from £8-£15 

pet taxi

Pet Taxi

We can take your pet to any location within a 45 Minute drive of Weston Super Mare. In the case of a two-way trip, where you need us to wait with your pet before returning with them (such as a vet visit), waiting time will be charged at our pet visit rate. Please contact us for prices.

pet sitting

Pet Sitting

Do you have an event to attend? Are you going away for the day or overnight or a hospital appointment you need to attend. We can come and sit in your house for the day/night or overnight. Your pets will be cared for, all routines kept the same, regular feeding, letting out, and play time. Please contact us for prices.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the enquiry form below and we will come back to you shortly.